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FYI: AMaP Progress and How to Get Involved

So far, AMaP has set up a newsletter (be sure to sign up so you get important updates!), opened our call for submissions (so get those fabulous proposals in asap), set our keynote speaker (official announcement and introduction next week), delivered the first of our “how-to” videos, and are working hard behind the scenes to create a great, engaging, accessible experience for you all come November.

Wondering what you can do now to help ensure AMaPs success?


AMaP is actively seeking volunteers of several kinds:

  • submission sorters – we are pulling together a panel to review submissions and approve those that best reflect AMaPs vision of #SilencedVoices
  • captioners/transcribers – as we will be providing transcripts for all workshops, and hope to be able to provide live captioning during workshop broadcasts (we actually have a pretty novel idea for training, so even if you have never done this before, you can still volunteer)
  • guides/greeters – we will have several folks to direct questions, concerns, and comments to during the con
  • misc – tbd but we will have many other tasks in the coming months, so stay tuned

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us stating how you’d like to help, any relevant experience or skills you have, and any access needs you have.

Submit a Proposal

If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and fill out our handy proposal form here. Keep in mind that we are centering marginalized content and perspectives, preferably directly from those who’ve experienced it. Submission cutoff date is June 30th, so get on it or contact us if you think you’ll have extenuating circumstances or need assistance. If you’re worried about how exactly workshop setup will go, rest assured we will providing guides, sessions, and help from the moment we receive your submission on through the conference.

Speaking of which…

Be Sure to Access Our Videos

If you missed it last week, we provided a video and transcript of our first guide: How to Run an Online Workshop. It’s informative, a bit silly, and you get to find out who our keynote speaker is! So get on it, and stay tuned for more live events in the future. If you’re spoonie or otherwise engaged, don’t worry; we will upload and transcribe all sessions.

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