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AMaPs Keynote Speaker Is…

Mx. Rhizome Syndragast Coelacanth Flourishing!


They are absolutely amazing and we are beyond excited to provide a platform for them to share their much-needed voice. If anyone can fully understand and evaluate how to lift #SilencedVoices, Rhizome is it.

Mx. Rhizome is a radical anti-ageist, Black immigrant, intersectional feminist, polya, queer, andro-enby, multimedia artist, writer.

They write a lot about intersectional non-monogamy, dismantling ageism, regularly tear apart desirability politics, they never shy away from nuanced conversations within activist circles, they hold themselves accountable for continuing to learn about cross-sections of various interrelated oppressions, and they are a rather wicked artist with an amazing sense of humor.

It is always an honor to converse with them and we are delighted that they will be gracing us with their presence at the Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory Conference as our keynote speaker.

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