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Vision and Mission

Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory will be entirely online. The conference will use a mix of chat rooms, forums, voice/video/chat conference software and other technology to provide an active and interactive experience to participants.

  • Workshops and presentations will use the Zoom video conference app. Zoom is set up to allow participation by phone for voice participation or on computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux version available) for voice, video and/or chat participation.
    • All presentations will be connected to Serotek‚Äôs Accessible Event software so vision and hearing impaired participants can access the presentation/workshops.
  • Zoom conference spaces will be available as general gathering areas morning, lunch, and evening, so participants can hang out, get to know each other, or run impromptu participant-led workshops.
  • Forums and text chat rooms will be open throughout the con for participants, presenters, and sponsors to interact, discuss important-to-them topics, and what-not. Spaces for explicit discussion/NSFW topics will be available, as will teen-friendly discussion areas.
  • We are working on online-versions of traditional conference games, evening activities, and vendor spaces.

Polyamory conferences have been held for over a decade, but they are still largely restricted in attendance. Many people cannot afford to attend conferences, cannot fully participate due to accessibility issues/chronic illness, do not feel welcome in traditional cis- straight- white-dominated spaces, or cannot get time off from work and/or child care for an adult-only weekend. People who do not identify as polyamorous often feel that polyamory-focused cons do not meet their needs or address the things they are interested in. And some people do not feel safe attending lifestyle conferences due to privacy concerns.

Our intention is to provide an alternative. A conference that is as accessible as modern technology (and our budget) can make it. A conference that addresses all forms of multi-linking, including but not restricted to polyamory. A conference that you can attend for under $50 with no travel costs, not child care needed, just a phone and/or internet connection. A conference that you can participate in while keeping even your face and voice private. A conference that is built as a space for PoC, LGBTQIA folk, and others, to discuss and explore their approaches to multi-linking and intimacy.