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Human Rights and Dignity Statement

To provide everyone participating in AMaP the opportunity to benefit from the conference, AMaP is committed to providing an environment free of harassment for everyone.  Everyone involved with AMaP has the right to feel safe, respected, and included.

By everyone, we mean everyone, regardless of:

·        Age

·        Race

·        Ethnicity

·        National origin

·        Color

·        Physical appearance

·        Sex and Gender

·        Pregnancy

·        Gender identity

·        Gender expression

·        Sexual orientation

·        Relationship status

·        Disability

·        Varying ability

·        Source of income

·        Employment status

·        Economic class

·        Education

·        Religion

·        Political affiliation

·        Military service

·        Other group identities

·        Other non-merit based-factors


AMaP is committed to values such as raising the voices of minorities, and inclusion. We value civil discourse. While we encourage and value the free expression of contrasting views, we emphasize that the rights and dignity of others – whether they are present at AMaP or not – must be respected.

While we do not consider contrasting viewpoints or the critical examination of beliefs to be harassment, we recognize that such behaviors often accompany hostile behavior and language. Therefore, it’s important to understand what is prohibited:

  • Harassment or intimidation based on identity, appearance, and group status/belonging.

As AMaP is a conference that considers relationships, some of which may be sexual in nature, there may at times be sexual language and imagery used. Therefore, it’s important to understand what is prohibited:

  • Unwelcome sexual attention.
  • Stalking (ask before adding on social media).
  • Outing someone in a session and all AMaP-hosted forums, chat rooms and discussion areas (using a real name, providing identifying information).