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Conference Organizers

Michon Neal, co-founder 

Michon is bigger on the inside: Black (with Irish and Cherokee thrown in to fuck things up further), autistic, aromantic, noetisexual, demisexual/asexual, an organic multilinker, Relationship Anarchist, autodidact, integrated feminist, relationship fluid (an invention of Louisa’s), disabled, single parent, in poverty, sadistic kinky switch/Dom/me, assigned female at birth, synesthetic, intersex, genderqueer, Army brat, left-handed, singleish, and pansexual.

Hir disabilities and health conditions consist of endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, cPTSD, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, eczema, secondary anxiety and depression.

Ze’s had several major surgeries, survived rape, and narrowly escaped stalkers, domestic violence, and murderers. Ze raises hir children with hir sister. Ze is also a not-quite widow, twice over.

Ze majored in areas as diverse as Drama, Instrumental Music, Choir, Dance, Aviation Maintenance, Teaching and Technology, Brain and Mind Studies, Women Gender and Sexuality Studies, Objectivism.

Ze created Intersectional Non-Monogamy and integrated feminism, coined terms like noetisexual and cuilmates, and invented a new integrated intersectional genre called cuil fiction. Ze is also Public Speaker and Accountability Counselor at PMW, Sensitivity Editor/CEO at Cuil’s Sinister Press.

Twitter: @neal_michon
Facebook: Michon Neal, Author
Support: Postmodern Woman

Jess Mahler, co-founder

As a child, Jess was taken from her family and turned into a marionette. Bluff, stubbornness, and Valdemar enabled her to survive until like Pinochio, she set out into the world to discover what it meant to be human.

She discovered her family, polyamory, and eventually her joy in writing. Soon her life filled with fae, werewolves, and TVtropes.

In the middle of inventing parallel worlds and fantastical beasts, she joined a polyam quad, watched it disintegrate around her ears, fell in love with and subdued a disabled demon, and wrote a surprisingly popular essay on the value of gold toe-socks in polyam relationships.

That essay inspired her to turn her 10+ years of polyam relationships into fuel for a blog about pregnancy, mental illness, legal stuff, and other practicalities of polyamory.

Today she spends time frying sufganiyot to keep her demon appeased, she writes fantasy stories and polyam advice while the dough is rising.

Twitter: @polyonpurpose
Facebook: Polyamory on Purpose
Support: Polyamory on Purpose

Louisa Leontiades, co-founder

Louisa Leontiades edits Harlot Magazine and has been a contributor to Huffington Post, Salon, Nerve, Jezebel and the Guardian. Originally from the United Kingdom, she now lives in Sweden, with her partners and children.

Twitter: @asklouloria
Facebook: Louisa Leontiades, Writer

Cassandra J. Perry, Human Rights and Dignity consultant

Cassandra J. Perry is an advocate, consultant, educator, researcher, and writer currently living in Washington, DC. They are angry, young, and poor; feminist, queer, and disabled. She works extensively on issues regarding feminism, sex, relationships, disability, poverty, and mental health.

As a writer, Cassandra began blogging in the 1990s, providing her with twenty years of experience with over-sharing in the style of the chaos-to-quest narrative. Their writing has been published in anthologies relating to disability/sexuality and she has appeared as an author or interviewee in several publications. Cassandra was also interviewed for the documentary At Your Cervix about their experience receiving a nonconsensual pelvic exam while anesthetized for surgery.

As an educator, Cassandra has presented workshops and guest lectured to graduate students at multiple universities on subjects including sadomasochism in relation to chronic pain, sex and disability, and disability as a general topic.

As a consultant and advocate, Cassandra provides assistance to individuals regarding supportive services, health insurance, vocational rehabilitation, and economic stability.

Cassandra is the founder of the Disability and Sexuality Access Network (DASAN).

Twitter: @cazkilljoy
Facebook: Active resistance + crip justice
Support: disability justice and narrative