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Month: June 2017

Exploring AMaP’s Public Con Spaces

For June’s mini-event we looked at the forum that will make up the main public con spaces. Check it out and let us know if we should add any forums!

Transcript has been delayed–we’ll be updating with it later this week. As promised, here are some screenshots of the forum area:

Online Con Spaces: Forums

Hey, as mentioned we’re doing a series of mini-events over theĀ  summer to show how the con will work. This Friday at 8:30ET/5:30PT we’ll be doing a Zoom conference introducing the forums we’ll be using for public con spaces.

This’ll be a short event, probably less than 30 min. It will also give folks interested in presenting at AMaP a chance to explore the software we’ll be using for workshops and presentations.

Deadline Extension for Presenters

Deadling for Presenters Is July 15

A couple folks have reached out to say that they would like to be presenters but won’t be able to send in an application until early July. So we’re extending the deadline a couple weeks to give everyone a chance to get their name in.

If you have an idea for a workshop or presentation, check out our call for presenters. We’d love to hear from you!

Why the Lost History of Multiple Marriages Matters

The theme for this years con is silenced voices. Today we’re looking at the history of multiple marriages and why it matters.


The long history of multiple marriages and more-than-two relationships has been unwritten.

Ask just about anyone in America and they will tell you that monogamy is ‘natural’ and that it is the ‘normal’ type of relationship. Yet, historically polygamy was more common than monogamy. By most colloquial measures of “natural” and “normal,” polygamy is the world wide historical norm. Counting social polygamy as well as legal polygamy makes exclusive monogamy a distinct minority.

Much like historical versions of monogamous marriage, historical versions of polygamy aren’t likely to be appealing to most people in the English speaking world today. But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

Modern types of multi-linking didn’t just spring out of the ground like Athena from Zeus’ head. Our relationship practices evolved from The Oneida Community, the Black Panthers and many other groups and communities that came before us. And they were shaped by what came before them. But this history, our history, has been lost to us.

Some of the many silenced voices we want to be heard.