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Conference 2017: Silenced Voices

Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory Virtual Con

A conference for and about multi-linking and polyamory that anyone with a phone or internet access can attend.

A conference that will have a strong focus on diversity, on how disability, poverty, race, and other intersections affect our relationships and lifestyles.

A conference where you can be keep your privacy and still participate, because no one will see your face or hear your voice unless YOU want them too.

When, Where, and What

This years conferences will run November 3-5 and it will take place entirely online. Workshops will use Zoom conference software, which can be accessed from any phone and most computers or tablets. Zoom runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The main “con space” will be on this website, with forums and chat rooms available to meet other attendees, run your own impromptu workshops and discussion groups, and other activities.

Silenced Voices</2>
This year’s theme is Silenced Voices.

The public face of polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy has been dominated by conventionally attractive middle class cis white people with no visible disabilities. Most people believe that monogamy has been the norm for most of history. Sex workers are at best given nominal support and more often ignored or shamed in mainstream nonmonog spaces. These and more have been silenced as media and our own communities “normalize” sex and relationships with multiple people.

We’re calling bullshit. If you feel like mainstream polyam and altrelationship groups don’t have room for you, we want to give you a platform.


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